The Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement- Created for the designers who want to focus on problem solving and getting out of their comfort zones. This is the exact tool I use for my character Design class. The idea is to take a physical descriptive adjective, a "conveyed feeling" adjective, and an archetype with an option to turn them mythical. This 3 prong attack makes the designer think about the actual "character" behind the idea and not just a shape or costume. I try to keep it open enough to have creative freedom and push the skills further along. So enjoy yourself, send an email, and tell a friend. Happy arting!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Broken and gone!

People Who have used, joined, drawn, and painted.  It saddens me to say the server and all the code, words, basically everything was shut down and lost.  So I dont have any means right now to remake all of it.  I do hope that you all got some enjoyment out of it but for the foreseeable future, it is gone.  This was a side project I wanted to put together for my students and I'm glad it expanded.  I am in the process of getting graphic novels, kickstarters, and online tutorials and for the time being, moving on.  Thank you for all your artwork and good times.  There are other versions of this website out there, hopefully one you like.  If I find a coder or script writer plus a server I will put it all back up, but I don't speak code....  good luck, happy arting.

Brett Bean