The Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement- Created for the designers who want to focus on problem solving and getting out of their comfort zones. This is the exact tool I use for my character Design class. The idea is to take a physical descriptive adjective, a "conveyed feeling" adjective, and an archetype with an option to turn them mythical. This 3 prong attack makes the designer think about the actual "character" behind the idea and not just a shape or costume. I try to keep it open enough to have creative freedom and push the skills further along. So enjoy yourself, send an email, and tell a friend. Happy arting!

Your Daily Random Generated Character is:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Silly, gigantic fairy godmother who may or may not be a leprechaun

Rob Kmiec
is a teacher at my old school Digipen and he had his class do the assignment.

Like any awesome teacher he did it too!

thanks everyone for submitting and being a part of the group!

Greedy, Ugly, Judge, who may or may not be a Dwarf

Timothy Lamb